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Kelsey Tenemaza

Business Development Manager

Kelsey Tenemaza, a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Boston, studied communication and sociology. She is currently pursuing a Master's of Science in Communication with a concentration in PR. As Business Development Manager, she plans to use her degrees to better suit our clients. With skills in crisis communication, public relations, and social media marketing, she is ready to make a difference in the way our clients work with the lab.

A quality customer experience is something she makes a priority and is excited to continue to provide to our clients. Kelsey knows that not every office we serve will have the same needs, she is someone who is flexible and willing to do what it takes to ensure the best outcome for each client we are working with. Kelsey is detail oriented and a team player with a natural call to leadership. She sees a future with Aloha Toxicology and is always enthusiastic to work with new people!

Dr. Glass, Ph.D. DABCC, NRCC

Laboratory Director

Dr. Glass recently joined the Aloha Toxicology team as our laboratory Director. He has a long and distinguished track in compliance, staffing, strategic planning, and performance improvement within a laboratory setting. Recognized as a Visionary Toxicology Leader, he has been instrumental in streamlining processes and implementing lean initiatives, improving quality, turn-around time, employee engagement, and team building.

Gerardo Q. Ramos MLS (ASCP)cm, BMET

Manager of Laboratory Operations

Gerardo Q. Ramos is the Manager of Laboratory Operations at Aloha Toxicology, where he supports and guild a team to provide accurate and precise results for our clients and clinicians.  Gerardo is a certified and licensed scientist with over ten years of experience in Research and Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

He was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, with an academic background and degrees in graphics arts, engineering, biotechnology, and laboratory sciences. He has also developed a passion for laboratory startups and consultations. Gerardo is known to be instrumental and vigilant with implementing and streamlining processes for laboratory operations.

Prior to joining Aloha Toxicology, Gerardo devoted his expertise to the COVID pandemic by establishing and standing a CLIA compliant laboratory for testing the unprivileged and underserved community as the Technical Supervisor and the Head Laboratory Scientist with the Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology & Pharmacology at the John A. Burns School of Medicine. With his spare time, he adamantly spends it with his family and tinkering with his mechanical and engineering projects.

Ron Li MT (AAB)

Technical Supervisor

Ron Li was born and raised in Honolulu Hawaii. He specializes in organic compound synthesis and environmental microbe sequencing. Having published several academic research papers, he is proud to be an addition to Aloha Toxicology’s exceptional team serving as our Laboratory Scientist and Technical Services Supervisor.

Andee Okamura

Laboratory Technician

As our Laboratory Technician Andee Okamura’s strong attention to detail and passion for helping the people that she works with are two of her greatest strengths. Andee was born and raised in Kalihi Valley; attended Remington College and cherishes family time.

Heavenly Gabriel BS

Laboratory Technician

Heavenly Gabriel is the Laboratory Technician at Aloha Toxicology. Heavenly recently graduated from Chaminade University of Honolulu with a Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Sciences. She has experience in various forensic fields completing multiple internships and research projects in entomology, anthropology, pathology, and fingerprint analysis. Prior to joining Aloha Toxicology, she worked with the Honolulu Police Department examining fingerprints to verify suspects in criminal cases.

While she maintains a diverse academic background, her true passion remains in toxicology and drug chemistry. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree at Oklahoma State University Graduate College majoring in forensic toxicology and chemistry.

As a first-generation college graduate from Waipahu, Hawaii, Heavenly hopes to lead as an example and inspire other students from economic and educational disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue a career in STEM.

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