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Dr. Glass

Laboratory Director

Dr. Glass recently joined the Aloha Toxicology team as our laboratory Director. He has a long and distinguished track in compliance, staffing, strategic planning, and performance improvement within a laboratory setting. Recognized as a Visionary Toxicology Leader, he has been instrumental in streamlining processes and implementing lean initiatives, improving quality, turn-around time, employee engagement, and team building.

Cody Maki

Laboratory manager

Before joining the team as our Laboratory Manager, Cody Maki spent time as the Senior Graduate Student in the Toxicology lab at Texas A&M. He was responsible for training and supervising lab personnel, collaborating with other toxicology laboratories, as well as conducting his own research and managing the lab. He is a published research author, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Bio-environmental Science and a master's degree in Toxicology from Texas A&M.

Kelsey Tenemaza

Customer Relations Manager

Kelsey Tenemaza, a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts Boston, studied communication and sociology. Her passion for team building and communication strategies has led her to be the Customer Relations Manager at Aloha Toxicology. A quality customer experience is something she makes a priority and is excited to continue to provide to our clients.

Andee Okamura

Laboratory Technician

As our Laboratory Technician Andee Okamura’s strong attention to detail and passion for helping the people that she works with are two of her greatest strengths. Andee was born and raised in Kalihi Valley; attended Remington College and cherishes family time.

Ron Li

Laboratory Scientist

Our Lab Scientist, Ron Li was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Scientist by day, fisherman by night. His academic background consists of both chemistry and microbiology, having published several academic research papers in both fields. He is thankful to be part of the Aloha Toxicology team and continues to strive with the company.

Steven Ferguson

Laboratory Technician

Our Laboratory Technician, Steven Ferguson, worked on several laboratory and field research projects in conservation biology before joining the team at Aloha Toxicology. He is proud of his liberal arts education at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY, where he received degrees in both Biology and Spanish. This unique skill set proved useful while interning in a genetics laboratory in San Jose, Costa Rica and while contributing to several birding population studies along the US / Mexico border. He vows never to return to the cold, snowy winters of New York and cherishes working in tropical Hawai'i.

Lauren Reinert

Business Development Manager

Our Business Development Manager, Lauren Reinert joined the team in January after spending 10 years working in sports medicine & orthopedic physical therapy on Oahu. She is a graduate of University of Hawaii Manoa, she completed her masters in Sports Medicine and is a Hawaii Licensed Athletic Trainer. Lauren has a passion for supporting physicians in providing top quality care to their patients while using Aloha Toxicology services to provide excellent cutting-edge testing services.  In addition to her work with Aloha Toxicology, Lauren is an on-call Certified Athletic Trainer for Kamehameha School Athletic Department and she enjoys surfing, trail running, and any fitness-based activity that explores the island.

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