Why Choose Aloha

Why Choose Aloha

Working with a lab should not be work. We make it simple to monitor medication use, saving you time and effort while doing the best for your practice and patients.


Because we are located in Hawai’i, we provide faster turnaround time than mainland laboratories where specimens must be shipped.  Not only does decreased turnaround time assist doctors, it also helps in preventing the degradation of specimen quality.

Customer Support

We are committed to providing reliable, local and satisfying customer support. That means you get to speak to a live person each time you call our laboratory. You’ll never have to listen to an automated voice message again!

Access To Our Team

Our certified toxicologists and scientists are ready to answer any of your test-related questions.

Ethical Billing Practices

Our billing practices are in compliance with HIPAA and all other healthcare providers and government agencies.

Gold Standard of Testing

We have the most advanced quantitative laboratory equipment and testing capabilities available. Our customizable test panels are accurate, reliable and compliant with all industry guidelines and federal regulations.

Physician Owned

Aloha Toxicology is owned by Physicians who have trained and practiced in Hawai’i and are well aware of the unique needs of our community.

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